Ninja Writers Academy: If you have a story to tell and the ability to tell it well, you can change the world. Come learn how to tell it well.

Welcome to the Ninja Writers Academy!

It’s completely free. Imagine blog posts, only interactive and full of way, way more awesome.

Here’s how it works.

–Most Saturdays (I won’t say every, because life and soccer tournaments happen, you know? But, definitely MOST) I’ll post a lesson here at

–You can take it in, ponder it, maybe produce a little work. If you want to share what you’ve done, come on over to the Ninja Writer’s private Facebook group. Trust me, you will LOVE it there. Post what you’ve come up with. Comment on other people’s posts.

–Then, on Sunday afternoons I’ll hold office hours. I’ll be online a specific time for an hour and we can talk, you can ask questions, I’ll answer them.

–Academy members get a PDF of each assignment in their email as well.

How fun does that sound? Seriously fun, right?

This is not going to be a high-stress, turn-in-your-assignment type thing. It’s a low-key, super supportive way to learn a little something. The lessons will have a PDF version that you can print out and stick in a binder, so after a while you’ll have a bunch of them you can refer back to.

It’s also a good reason to put your butt in your chair on a Saturday and work.

And one more excuse for Ninja Writers to activate.

Are you in? If you want me to shoot you an email on Saturday mornings when the posts go live, just click the big yellow bar below and drop your email address.

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Here are the lessons so far:

Putting Your Inner Editor in Their Place: The Blythe Assignment
Watching TV Like a Writer: The Boob Tube Assignment
Where Does your Hero Run?: The Lair Assignment
Scene vs. Exposition: The Unpacking Assignment
Writing Natural Dialogue: The How We Speak Assignment
Found Poetry: The Hidden Words Assignment