Day Seven: Keep a Writer’s Notebook

(Day Seven) Keep a Writer's Notebook

I mentioned a writer’s notebook yesterday. I thought today I’d back track a little and go a little deeper into the concept.

Really, a writer’s notebook is just a notebook that belongs to a writer. Simple and non-scary, right?

I’m not big on being overly organized with mine. I basically just keep a notebook in my purse and write in it. I make notes about observations, like I mentioned yesterday. (That always makes me feel like Harriet the Spy.) I also make notes on new ideas so that they don’t slip away before I can get to them. I write down snippets of dialogue. Sometimes I write on my work-in-progress by hand if I find myself with some time and no computer.

I love bullet journaling, and I usually just use a composition book with grid paper. I start at the front of the notebook and just write through it, without worrying about keeping types of notes together. I number the pages and keep an index on the first page. Easy peasy.

A bullet journal makes a perfect writer’s notebook, in my opinion, but seriously any old notebook will do. Get fancy, tear out the used pages from one of your kid’s half-used spiral bound notebooks from last school year. Whatever! Just get one and get used to carrying it with you. A pocket sized notebook is fine, if you don’t happen to carry a giant bag with you everywhere like I do.


Today’s assignment is easy. Start carrying a notebook with you. All the time.  If you want to get really ambitious today, actually write in it. Share a picture on Facebook!

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