Day Three: Tiny Goals



If you’ve followed Ninja Writers for any length of time, you know, but I’m going to say it again anyway.

Tiny goals are my jam.

It’s a psychological thing. Make a goal so small that it’s harder on your brain to skip it than it is to just get it done and over with. When it comes to writing, the main thing is to get over the hump between wanting to write and actually writing.

That means sitting at your desk, turning on your computer, opening your file, putting your fingers on the keys, and starting to write.

So the tiny goal, then, isn’t actually about setting a timer and making yourself stop when it goes off. It’s about getting started. Some days, you might barely get through your ten minutes. But others, you’ll look up and see that twenty or thirty minutes have passed. Or an hour. Or half a day.

The truth is, you can write a double-spaced page in ten minutes. You really can. And if you do that 365 times?

If you do that 365 times, you’ll have the first draft of a book.

Assignment 3

Download FRED–the Folder for Reaching the End of your Draft. Print it out. Start giving yourself a gold star for every day that you keep your tiny goal. Since this is day three and you’ve been writing for at least ten minutes a day, you start out with two stars! How cool is that?

After you’ve downloaded FRED and got him all set up, why not come by and share a picture on Facebook? Let’s see those shiny stars!

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