Hump Day Prompt #17: What’s For Breakfast?

Every Wednesday, I post a writing prompt here. You write about it, if it tickles your creativity bone, and then come share what you wrote on Facebook to get some feedback and see what the other Ninjas have come up with. My goal with these prompts will to be to make them something that can move your current work-in-progress forward.


What’s for Breakfast?

Hump Day Writing Post #17What's For Breakfast (1)

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference when you’re writing about a character. The things that might not seem important on their own, but that open your character up to the reader.

Think about this for me. How intimate and sort of exciting is it to know what your significant other likes to eat for breakfast? Not what they’d order in a restaurant. Not what they will eat if someone else is serving them. I’m talking about what they’d eat at home, when they can choose anything.

Is it a cold Poptart? A bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup? Scrambled eggs and sourdough toast? Leftovers from dinner?

Today, take a few minutes and think about what your hero eats for breakfast. Who do they eat it with? How do they eat it? When do they eat it? Is there some food they have to have in the morning that they’d leave the house for if they woke up and found they were out of it?

My Turn

My work-in-progress is a Robin Hood retelling set in modern day Las Vegas. My hero is Rob Huntington, whose father owns a small casino on the Strip and who grow up as Las Vegas royalty. After his mother died when Rob was six, he and his father lived on the Casino grounds.

Even though Rob has access to just about every breakfast food known to man–he could eat at a buffet every morning if he wanted to–his favorite breakfast, growing up, was eating with his best friend Mattie at the cabin next door. Most of the time they ate cold cereal at her kitchen table. He has a sweet tooth and she doesn’t, so he spoons sugar over his Cheerios.

He’s been gone for a while, nearly two years, but Mattie still knows that he takes sugar in his coffee or tea. He’s grieving after the death of his father, they both are, so he draws comfort from the fact that Mattie knows him well enough to know these little things about him. She fixes him a cup of tea the first night he’s home, in the middle of the night when ghosts won’t let him sleep, and he notices that she doesn’t have to ask before she spoons in the exact right amount of sugar and keeps her’s black like she always has.

Your Turn

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