Hump Day Writing Prompt: Character Super Power

hump-day-writing-prompt-charater-super-powerMy work-in-progress is about a 12-year-old girl who believes she has super powers.

Her super power is problem solving. When she becomes Wonder Roo, she can figure things out at the speed of light, leap any obstacle with a single bound.

Yesterday I was thinking about how we all have our super powers. Maybe you’re really good making other people feel good about themselves. Or you make perfect hard boiled eggs (seriously, this is one of my son’s super powers. Perfect eggs, every single time.) Or you can sing like an angel. Whatever it is, it’s part of what makes you, you.

So, think about your main character and write a little today about their super power. Bonus points for figuring out your antagonist’s super power, too.

My Turn

I’ve already told you about Roona’s super power. She’s a kick-ass problem solver.

The other main character in my story is Roona’s friend and next door neighbor, Gideon.

Gideon’s super power is his ability to be rational in just about any situation. He’s the guy you want with you when you’re twelve and you decide that you have no choice but to buy a bus ticket to Las Vegas and go find your dad, who’s been missing since you were a baby. Because he’s the guy who will make sure you save enough money for the cab ride back to the bus station.

Where Roona is a doer, Gideon is a thinker.

The antagonist in Wonder Roo is Roona’s mother. She’s not bad or evil or mean. She’s sick. Roona for sure believes that her mom’s super power is her ability to bake her emotions into her cakes and pies. Her real super power is her free spirit. Miranda Mulroney knows how to have fun. She is fun.

Your Turn

Spend some time today thinking about your main character’s super power. How does their super power affect your story? Do the work, then come share it on Facebook if you want some feedback.


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