The Medium Challenge: Day Six

day-sixeditorial-calendarNow that you’ve written your first Medium post–I’d like to talk to you about a plan for posting regularly.

You need an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is basically just a schedule for publishing–on your blog, on Medium, wherever. We’re focused on Medium right now, but if you have other places where you publish, you can (and should) take them into account.

What I’ve found the most useful is to have a regular, weekly plan. As I’m writing this series, my editorial calendar includes a daily The Medium Challenge post. I post Ninja Writer’s Book Club posts on Fridays. On Saturday evening I post my newsletter on Medium. On Sunday morning, I send my newsletter out to subscribers.

If you’re just getting started, I suggest committing (to yourself) to write on Medium once a week. Pick a weekday and get out a calendar (or your FRED!) and write in MEDIUM on that day every week.

Another part of keeping an editorial calendar is staying on top of what you’re going to write. No one likes to stare at a blank screen with no idea of what they’re going to write. You made a list of ideas a few days ago. Keep adding to it. On your Medium day, set aside 15 minutes to brainstorm new ideas to add to your list. While you’re at Medium posting, click around some and see if anything sparks an idea for you.

Come on over to Facebook and share your plans for your editorial calendar. Sometimes making the commitment out loud makes all the difference.


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The Medium Challenge

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