Meet FRED: My Favorite Writing Accountability Partner

FRED--your folder for getting to the end of your draft. Fred is the best accountability partner a novel writer could ask for! Want a copy? Click through!

I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed before that writing is damned hard work. And you have to do so much of the hardest work up front, before anyone even knows you’re a writer. Probably before you’re even ready to admit out loud that you actually are a writer. And long before you have any one official, like an editor or an agent, standing by to give you deadlines and remind you to put your butt in a chair and write.

So, I have this tool that I use that has made a big difference for me. It keeps me on track, gives me a little boost everyday, and is just an awesome inanimate accountability partner that lives in a manila folder on my desk. I call him FRED–the Folder for Reaching the End of my Draft. Fred is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, efficiency wise. He keeps me on track. He kicks me in the butt, without saying a word.

So basically, Fred is a calendar and a writing log stapled into a file folder. Fred isn’t fancy–but that’s okay. Fancy isn’t required. What matters is that he works.


I use the entire folder. Inside, I staple a calendar on the left side and a writing log on the left. I use the outside for mind mapping, goal making, lists, doodles, whatever my brain needs at the moment.

There’s a place at the bottom of the calendar for writing my most important writing goal of the month, the steps I need to take to reach that goal, and a reward for when I meet my goal.

Every morning, I write a goal on that day’s calendar square. When I hit my goal, I get a sticker. I just slip a page of star stickers between the calendar and the folder. Easy peasy. You might be surprised at the power of a simple gold star. Especially when you see them all in a row on your calendar. Just not wanting to see a gap in your string of successes goes a long way.

Every evening, I make a little note in the log about what I did toward my writing that day. Word count, query letters sent, plotting progress–it all depends on where I am in the process on any given day.

I find it very helpful to see my log. It reminds me that I’m working hard toward a specific goal, and that I really am making progress even if some days it feels like I’m just spinning my wheels.

So there you have it. Fred requires nothing of me, and just gives and gives and gives.

And guess what? I want to give you your own Fred. Just drop your email address in the form below and I’ll get a PDF right to you.

Meet FRED!


FRED will change your life.

The Folder for Reaching the End of your Draft is the best novel-writing accountability partner I've ever used. I know you'll love it, too.

FRED is a goal keeper, a incentive monster, a writing long, and a place to hold all your thoughts--all rolled into one!

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  1. When I took the plotting class I bought a calendar as you suggested and started using the sticky dots. For a 2 hour session I used a little dot and a big one for 4 hours or more. I was surprised that it does work. You hate seeing those empty days without a sticky.

  2. I’ve been using the writing log just to write in my daily, weekly & monthly totals & I’ve found it really helpful. It gives me a guilty conscience if I write in 0, but even seeing the smaller numbers add up creates the incentive to keep going. Thanks!