Ninja Writer Book Club: 2/24/2017


Here are some books that Ninja Writers are reading this week. Take a look, add some books to your TBR list. Next Tuesday, come on over to our Facebook group and let us know what you’re reading.

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My contribution this week is Steel: And Other Stories by Richard Matheson. I really love mid-century science fiction, and this collection of stories is that genre at its best.

I’m also reading The Great Gatsby, after binge watching Z: The Beginning of Everything on Amazon. Both are amazing. I had no idea how much Fitzgerald took from his wife. So interesting. I’m writing a story using the same narrative structure as The Great Gatsby (my book is narrated by someone who is not the protagonist), so I wanted to take another, deeper look at it.

I have an assignment from my MFA mentor to read some picture books for this packet. I was super excited to come across a copy of Skippyjon Jones at a thrift store this week. I saw the author and artist, Judy Schachner speak at the SCBWI conference a couple of years ago and she is fantastic. She talked about how she makes a journal before every book she writes. She brought one to show and it was so inspiring to me. I actually came home from that conference and started my own journal for the middle grade book that I’m just getting around to writing now. There’s a picture in there of a little girl standing in front of a completely chaotic kitchen that changed the whole trajectory of my story. She talks about her pre-book journals in this video.

The first full week of The 1000 Day MFA finished last weekend and lots of Ninjas shared their short stories. We’re having so much fun with this program. Having a structure for reading and writing has been even more helpful than I expected it to be. It’s set up so that anyone can join us at any time, so if you want to come be a part of it, we’d love to have you. (Just sign up at Patreon at the $10 level or above and you’ll get a link to our private Facebook Group.) Try it for a month. You can stop anytime. (But I don’t think you’ll want to!)


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