Ninja Writers Book Club: Week 5

Ninja Writers Book Club #5: Here's what we're reading this week.

Every Tuesday is Book Club day at the Ninja Writers Facebook group.  Ninjas post about the books that they’re reading or a book that has inspired them or that they loved. It’s so much fun, and I always end up with a list of books that I can’t wait to read. I thought it might be fun to actually link to those books here on the blog every week. Click any of the covers to be taken to its Amazon page.

Here are the books from this week’s Ninja Writers Book Club Tuesday. If you’re looking for something to read this week, here’s a great place to start!

(These are affiliate links. If you buy using one of them, a few pennies will go toward supporting Ninja Writers. Thank you so much!


Young Adult




Mystery + Suspense



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  1. I have recently discovered Kristin Hannah. First was “Nightingale”. I can’t really describe it. From page one the characters came alive. Sisters in WWII. One quiet, shy, married and a mother. The other rebellious and a spy. Both trying to stay alive. This book is visual–smell the dead, feel the caving pain of hunger, smell the sores and bloody wounds. Feel the fear of trains heading to concentration camps. And, gasp at the twist ending.

    The second is “Winter Garden”. A family with a frozen mother and warm father. Secrets. Fairy Tales that move forward one sketchy glimpse at a time. Stalin’s Russia. Indescribable cold. Surviving, barely surviving. Death. Black “dragons”, black “coaches”, black “trolls” taking citizens prisoner. Another big twist ending.

    Kristin Hannah, Walter Zacchius(sp),Hazel Gaynor, and Jessica Brockmole write of the human condition better than any other authors that comes to mind at this time. Though, I have many favorite authors in every genre.