Ninja Writers Virtual Subscription Box


Dear Shaunta,

Don’t you dare try to add a subscription box to your plate. YES, I know it would be awesome. And super fun. But NO. You don’t have time for this. Unless, you know, you just don’t want to write books anymore.


Blythe, the inner editor

Okay. Okay, Blythe. I get it.

But, a subscription box WOULD be awesome and super fun, right?

I can’t make an official one, where I put it together and ship it to you. (At least not right now.) (Hush, Blythe!) But I still love the idea.

Sooo . . . I decided to put together a virtual box. Here’s what I would send you, if I was going to put together a Ninja Writer Subscription Box this month. It comes to $25.56 on Amazon (with the prices at the time that I wrote this post), which is enough to trigger the free shipping, even if you don’t have Prime.

First . . . I fell in love with this Ninja coffee cup. How perfect is it? On the back it says “trust me, I’m a Ninja.”

Ray Bradbury’s book Zen in the Art of Writing is a must have for every writing craft library. It’s one of my favorites. What I love the most about it is the insight that it gives to how Bradbury’s ideas become stories.

And, round your virtual subscription box out with one of our semi-official Rhodia notebooks. For less than $6, this is the best notebook out there. The paper. Oh, my goodness. I can’t tell you what it difference it makes to write on such high quality paper.

What do you think? Would a monthly virtual subscription box be fun?

If you really want a little love bomb from me in the mail, don’t forget that I send one to every Patreon patron (even at the $1 level.)

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  1. I would love this! I’m trying not to become addicted to subscription boxes but I love the idea of a virtual one. That way, we can pick what we like and need.