Science Fiction + Fantasy Giveaway Blog Hop


Are you ready to hop? This should be fun!

There’s nothing better than finding a new author, is there? Especially one that becomes a favorite.

You get to meet TONS of new authors this week with the huge Ninja Writers Science Fiction and Fantasy Giveaway.

You ALSO get to meet great Ninja Writer bloggers. How fun is that?

Click through and read one of these interviews, download a new book, then come back and hop on over to the next blog and the next writer and the next book.

Links are still being added, so if one is missing be sure to check back.

Aurora Springer

Bec McMaster

Brandon Barr

Brandon Ellis

Chris Ledbetter

Ginger Booth

J. R. Bournville

L. E. Wilson

Lillian Wolfe (This link will be live on Wednesday)

Paige Tyler

P. M. Christou

Rachel D’iagle

Roz Marshal

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Shaunta Grimes

Slade Roberson

Susan Darlene Faw

V. L. (Vicki) Cooke

Zara Quentin

Thank you for joining in our giveaway and blog hop.