Hey, Ninja Writer! I’m so glad you found us.

There’s a LOT going on around here, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Click any of the pictures to find out more about that Ninja Writer program or offering and get signed up if you’d like to.

How to Develop + Test a Story Idea (or H2DSI) is a free 5-day mini-course I offer around the middle of every month. It’s designed to help you build a stable of ideas for your stories.


The Plotting Workshop is a free course that’s offered twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. It’s eight weeks long and will walk you through building a road map for your first (or next) novel. This class was specifically designed for writers who have been pantsers and want a little more structure, while maintaining flexibility and intuitiveness in their stories. Click the picture to enroll, if enrollment is open, or sign up to get notified when it opens up again.

The Plotting Workshop will help you mark 'write a novel' off your bucket list. And it's free!

The Plotting Workshop eBook contains all of the assignments from The Plotting Workshop 8-week course. It’s a good option if you’d rather work at your own pace or if you’ve taken the course and want the assignments to use again on your next book. Right now the price has been reduced to $15, so this is a good time to pick up a copy.


A Novel Idea: The Full Course is a year-long intensive DIY-MFA-level course that will guide you through planning, writing, editing, and preparing to submit your novel to agents and editors. You come away from the class with a completed, polished novel–and your next novel planned and ready to write. This class is open twice a year, in the spring and fall. Spring enrollment is open now. Click the link for more information.

The Ninja Writer Binder Club is a monthly newsletter that includes copies of every PDF created here over the previous month, a letter from me, links to awesome writing resources, and at least one piece of exclusive content. It’s a pay-what-you-can deal, which means you can take it for free if you’d like to. Or, if you’re getting a lot out of Ninja Writers and you want to help keep the lights on, it’s a good way to make a small contribution.

Binder Club Startup

Ninja Writers Academy is totally free. If you click the link and sign up, I’ll send you an email on Saturday mornings when there’s a new lesson posted here, with an invitation to share your work on our super engaged, private Facebook page. On Sundays (usually at lunch time), I hold office hours where you know I’ll be on the FB group to answer all of your questions.

Ninja Writers Academy: If you have a story to tell and the ability to tell it well, you can change the world. Come learn how to tell it well.