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3/12/2017: The NW #11: Bette + Joan, ABCs of Fiction Writing, and Planners
3/5/2017: The NW #10: Book-a-Palooza, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Wendig
2/26/2017: The NW #9: Stephen King, Nashville, Virginia City
2/19/2017: The NW #8: Mark Twain, Joan Didion, and Scrivener
2/12/2017: The NW #7: More Hemingway, Zelda, and Twain
2/5/2017: The NW #6: Creative License
1/29/2017: The NW #5: Hemingway, Love Bombs, and Autodidacts
1/22/2017: The NW #4: Mini-zines and Great Movies
1/15/2017: The NW #3: Revolution and Postage Stamps
1/8/2017: The NW #2: The Jamaica Edition
1/1/2017: The NW #1: Pirates an Starlogs