Thoughts on Book Promotion

We’ve been talking about book promotion some in the Facebook Group, and I’ve seen something come up a few times that I think we need to talk about. I’m going to address it more widely in the upcoming weeks, but I want to hit on it a little today.

31 Days of Book Promotion

The Medium Challenge

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I see something like this pretty often:

I’m not even published, do I really need to think about book promotion now?

The answer is an all caps YES.

You do. I know you don’t want to. You’d like to put the idea of book promotion or thinking about book promotion ideas off as long as possible.

Just thinking about it makes you want to throw up.

Trust me, I do get that. Author marketing is a big thing to wrap your head around and the learning curve is huge.

But digging in and deciding you’re just not going to think about it won’t help you be successful when you do have a book ready to put out into the world.

The best time to start thinking about making an author website, for instance, is a year ago.

The second best time is today.

No matter how you plan to be published, it’s up to you to promote your own book. Period. It just is.

I wish that someone had been blunt with me about that before my books were published by a Big 6 publisher. (I wrote about that experience here.)

I wish that I’d known that an email list could have changed the trajectory of my books.

I wish that I’d known that building an author website was more than throwing my book covers and some links to Amazon up on and hoping that people would stumble on the site.

Or, even more naively, that my books would be enough to make people come looking for me.

Word of mouth works, but the people with the mouths have to know your book exists, first.

I know better now, and I’m committed to making sure that you do, too.

I’m going to talk about these things in depth in the upcoming weeks, but here are some things that are going to help you start thinking about book publicity.

  • You need to be blogging about something other than your own writing.
  • You need to be building an email list.
  • You need to let potential readers know who you are.
  • You need to be visible in the places where your readers are already hanging out.

I’m having so much fun with 31 Days of Being a Ninja Writer. So much fun that another 31 day challenge is definitely upcoming. If you want to be make sure you don’t miss 31 Days of Book Promotion, click here to learn more or fill out the form below. The challenge is set for January–just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, and after your Nano book has had time to mature.

The Medium Challenge

Want help learning how to use Medium to start building an audience?

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