Hump Day Writing Prompt: Visual Inspiration

hump-day-writing-promptToday’s Hump Day Writing Prompt has two parts.

Go online and do an image search for a picture that speaks to you about your story. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. Just look around until something grabs you.

Then write the story behind the picture. Think about what’s outside the frame.

My Turn

I came across this picture in a post on Daily Mail about a photographer who documented a Florida roller rink in the 1970s. It made me think about my main character’s parents. Roona is very attached to her roller skates, throughout my story. What if the reason why is that the only picture she has of her father is this one, where he’s at a rink with her mother and they’re young and happy and obviously in love?

Moment in time: Photographer Bill Yates spent from the autumn of 1972 to the summer of 1973 taking snaps inside the Sweetheart Rink

(Like I said, the picture doesn’t have to be perfect. My story happens in Nevada, not Florida. And the people that this picture made me think about weren’t born until the 1980s.)

Roona sat on her bed, wedged in the corner with her knees pulled up to her chin. She opened her copy of The Hobbit, the one with her mother’s name written in pencil on the first page, and took out the picture. She’d had it for almost a year and so far she’d been able to keep it secret. She ran her finger over her father’s face. She knew it was her dad because her mom had written “Curtis and Miranda, 1999” on the back with a marker. She’d never seen her mom look as happy as she was in the picture. If she’d baked cookies that day, good luck and laughter would have bubbled up in anyone who ate one, like ginger ale bubbles.

Your Turn

Find a picture and write about it, then come share it on Facebook if you want some feedback.


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