Want this? Free Anti-Blogging for Creatives Course.

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After I wrote this post about why I think that most bloggers come at it backward, a bunch of people emailed me and asked for help figuring it out.

So . . .I’ve created a little five-email course. It’s a mini version of a much larger Anti-Blogging for Creatives (ABC) thing I’m working on that will be ready this summer.

I was planning on making it a reward for my Patreon patrons.

What I’ve decided to do, though, is give it free to any of you who are interested. And then the May patron reward will be access to a private Facebook group in May for a Medium Post-a-Day Challenge.

Posting everyday for 30 days worked so well for me, that I’ve extended my own experiment to 90 days. And I’m beyond excited to have you join me.

So, I created this free course.

Mostly because I don’t want anyone who wants that little course to miss it.

And because ABC is all about putting your effort and funds into a decent email list, and writing here on Medium, instead of into designing and hosting a website.

And because a big part of it is how to use ConvertKit to start to grow your email list and ConvertKit is offering a free month right now, which is pretty rare for them.

It’s part of a free course they’re hosting, which is all about creating a digital product. If you’re interested in that, the course looks awesome. And I just got an email today that says that they’ll feature any finished product on their site, which is awesome.

But, even if you’re not into product creation…

Go ahead and sign up so you can get the free month of ConvertKit.

And then sign up for Anti-Blogging for Creatives. You’ll get the first email on April 24. It’ll show up in your email inbox. (Don’t forget this step!)

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