Hump Day Writing Prompt: Your Story’s Soundtrack

Every Wednesday, I post a writing prompt here. You write about it, if it tickles your creativity bone, and then come share what you wrote on Facebook to get some feedback and see what the other Ninjas have come up with. My goal with these prompts will to be to make them something that can move your current work-in-progress forward.


Hump Day Writing Prompt-Your Story's Soundtrack

So a funny thing happened at my MFA residency.

I shared a room with a super sweet girl from New Jersey. It was fun having a roommate and living in a dorm room–I didn’t have that experience when I was young. But, it was also slightly strange to work in a quiet environment, but not alone.

So I listened to music, with headphones.

Until that week, I’d never (I mean ever, in my life) written with music on. I didn’t think I could. I thought it would distract me to much. I’ve tried just having music on in the room when I was trying to work and it made me crazy.

Turns out, I was wrong. I still don’t like music on just in the room (I tried again when I got home), but music with headphones is different or some reason, It gives me this weird bubble feeling, like it’s just me, my story, and the music. The rest of the world falls away. Pretty cool.

I thought it would be fun today for us to spend some time thinking about soundtracks for our works-in-progress. Even if you don’t listen to music when you write. Think about a few songs that might inspire your story. If the world fell away to just you and your story and some music, what would that music be?

My Turn

Here’s my soundtrack:

With or Without You: U2
Smells Like Teen Spirit: Nirvana
Fix You: Coldplay
Dissident: Pearl Jam
Try: Pink
Mockingbird: Eminem
Just Like Heaven: The Cure
Slide: Goo Goo Dolls
Ring of Fire: Johnny Cash
Bring on the Dancing Horses: Echo and the Bunnymen
Take me to Church: Hozier

Your Turn

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  1. I hope you can take this comment as it is intended; constructive feedback that can improve the quality of your writing. Because you are trying to inspire others to write, I would think that you care about spelling, grammar and sentence structure.
    You use “to” when you mean “too”; you use a , when you need a . and then capitalize the next word as though it were a new sentence when you accidentally used a ,. It is so common for people to write with spelling and grammar mistakes- but if you want to inspire writers to write more and of a caliber that is worth sharing with the public, I would recommend finding a way to double check your posts before you publish them. Find someone else to go over them when you are done writing them if you don’t think you can catch the mistakes.
    Thanks for the work you do to inspire your followers to write more!

  2. Oh my gosh! I totally do that too! I usually listen to soundtrack music. Depending on what I write, I create a playlist in my MP3 and throw in a couple of lyric music (for end credit themes). Pretty much I pretend that it’s a movie.

  3. It’s so funny that I am reading this today because on my way to work I was thinking about doing that! I’ll definitely have to work on it.

    Love your song choices!

  4. Music fuel two plays I wrote. The music set the stage and Icould see the characters interact. I knew what they were feeling and what was important to them. Karen Clark Sheard. Vicki Winans were my favorite artist for the project.